The Big Feed

The Big Feed is a large-scale video installation about the global impacts of upgrade culture. This work is in progress, and could potentially be site-specific once a venue is confirmed. The research for The Big Feed has taken place around the world: Hong Kong, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, New York, Los Angeles, and the Great Lakes region of the United States. Christensen is building projection mechanisms for the piece using repurposed e-waste that she bought on the informal e-waste sector in Delhi, India (including the lenses above, photographed upon purchase in India, and then photographed again in Christensen’s studio in the United States).

We have grown accustomed to the digital feeds that inform our lives: images, news, statistics, everyday events in the lives of our friends and family. This “big feed” is mirrored by another “big feed”: that of the digital machinery that supports it. The servers, hard drives, and computers that support our digital lives have a finite lifespan, and yet society has not thought critically about the exit plan for this obsolete material. Outdated machines are shipped around the world in a constellation of corporations and governments, and the waste’s final destination is often elusive. The Big Feed is about the globally shifting economies of trash, land, human workforce.

The anticipated premiere date is 2017-2018. More information and images about The Big Feed will be available on this page as the piece develops.


Large-scale video installation featuring handmade, sculptural video projectors built using e-waste transported to the US from markets in India